Ben Makinen



Ben Makinen is a recording artist, composer (BMI), producer and film maker. In 2002 he founded the record label Bmakin Music.

Born in Maine, Ben grew up in California, Washington, and Oklahoma before graduating high school in Colorado.

Seeing Miles Davis perform live three times and then meeting the Dalai Lama in person forever changed the way Ben would approach the art of music.

As a drummer and percussionist, he has been touring the world as a sideman since 1985 with r&b, funk, and rock bands, jazz trios and big bands, avant-garde electronica ensembles, in Broadway shows, on international cruise ships, and with opera troupes and symphonic orchestras.

Ben is producing a wide variety of recordings for release in 2012 - two have just been released: John Kite's Anything Goes! and Leslie Brown's Tenderly.

Ben is the producer of jazz album Fishleather Jacket which received the Roger Bobo Excellence In Recording Award in June of 2006. Ben is also a 2006 Independent Music Awards Finalist- Film/TV-Multimedia for his song 6AM.

Ben's CDs are available from the Bmakin Music Store at CDBaby.

His songs can be downloaded from all major digital music vendors including iTunes and Rhapsody. As a leader and sideman, Makinen has performed on over 40 CDs. He also leads the high-energy jazz trio AREA 15℠.

To date he has produced 7 CD's: Area 15 Live , Lost Lullaby , December , Fishleather Jacket , Rekha , and the 2012 releases Anything Goes! , and Tenderly 

He is presently working like mad to complete production of his original electronica insect love story on CD titled The Goliath Beetle And The Ladybug  and Tom Ball's jazz latin CD Funky Pants with special guest trumpeter Greg Gisbert.

He has also produced a DVD of traditional african dance and music featuring David Gweshe's troupe Boterekwa from Zimbabwe.

Ben Makinen's short films are found on YouTube!

Makinen maintains a busy schedule producing and performing. Ben's recent acting pursuits have landed him a role in the zombie movie Lucky Stiff. He is also cast as a masked alien in Magnets, a film by Alan August. In the early 80s, as a teenager living in Tulsa, OK Ben was cast as an extra in Francis Ford Coppola's film the Outsider's. He is currently writing music for television and film. Ben has also written a children's story on the adventures of two turtles named Chim & Chum.