Ben Makinen



by Leslie Brown

Released 2012
Bmakin Music
Released 2012
Bmakin Music
Leslie Brown is a jewel among the great singers of all time. With an old soul and a modern vibe Leslie imbues these classics with a smooth, honest and compelling intensity.
Producer Ben Makinen of Bmakin Music introduces the marvelously talented and beautiful Leslie Brown!

Leslie Brown - vocals
Ben Makinen - drums & percussion
Art Lande - piano
Mark Simon - bass

Special Guests:
Vlad Girshevich - piano & bass on Hotel California
Silver Ainomae - cello on Earth Song


- by Jon Solomon, Westword
Save for a rousing take on Duke Ellington's "Caravan," Leslie Brown's Tenderly is an unhurried affair — and that's as it should be, because the singer's relaxed delivery is suited to songs that are slow and slinky, such as opener "He Must Be in Love" and the gorgeous title track. Even the Champs' normally upbeat "Tequila" is slowed down a few notches, turned into a laid-back, swinging groove by drummer Ben Makinen, with some deft piano playing by Art Lande. Elsewhere, the Eagles' "Hotel California" and Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" get innovative jazzy treatments. Brown is in complete control of her voice, and there's a certain purity that runs throughout the disc, which is ideal for late-night listening.