Ben Makinen

Christmas Songs

Kaylen Wells/Ben Makinen
Davis, Onorati, and Simeone


Kaylen Wells was asked to contribute a song for a Christmas compilation that her church would later sell to raise money for a charitable organization. Kaylen chose this song and graciously asked me to record with her. We went into the studio and Kaylen sang the melody to a click. She then put me on the spot and told me to create a layered percussion part. So I got on my knees and started playing around with my percussion toys on the floor of the studio... When I was all done (hours later!!) Kaylen stepped up to the mic and over dubbed her harmonies effortlessly, like the pro that she is, in minutes!... I think her intro ( "A song of humanity is born...") was an after thought, an inspiration that came to her when we thought the song was done... we simply tagged it on to the top. This was recorded in 1990 on an 8-track Tascam reel to reel. I only have a cassette copy from which to upload.... I'm trying to find a master for future use... In the meantime, enjoy!


"A song of humanity is born... Come, they told me, a new born king to see..."
Ben Makinen Trio w/ Mary Ann Moore
Trad./Cahn&Styne. Arr. Makinen/Moore


I asked Mary if she would like to record a Christmas song for a benefit CD I am producing. She was very excited and the two of us began singing ideas to each other over the phone... Mary thought of the modulation, I came up with the groove. She met Eric Thorin (bass) and Vlad Girshevich (piano) for the first time in the studio an hour before we began recording! We were all listening intently to the playback and suddenly began to smile at each other. We knew we were on to something... Mary later said she'd love to do an entire record together with the trio.