Lost Lullaby

Ben Makinen

A Nomad's journey through distant lands. A shaman's dance to dreamsongs from the womb.

CONTACT Ben Makinen Bmakin Music E-mail: benmakinen@mac.com www.benmakinen.com  

Lost Lullaby, Debut CD From Drummer Ben Makinen, Is Now Available On The Bmakin Music Label

Lost Lullaby, the debut CD from drummer and percussionist Ben Makinen, captures the soothing, relatively drum-free soundscapes that swirl through his mind in the quiet spaces between gigs.

Lost Lullaby is about exploring the unknown with a calm spirit and encountering the unexpected with an open mind.

The mostly improvised tracks took shape on the keyboard somewhere between midnight and dawn during his wife's pregnancy with their first child.

"There's a side of me that can't just stick to the drums," Makinen says. "Don't get me wrong. I love playing live--the energy, the crowds. Starting a couple of years ago, when I came home after a gig, I started needing to find a quiet place to chill, to let tranquility work its magic on me. When I finally found that place, the compositions just started to flow. With our daughter, Dakota Anne, on the way, I became totally inspired. The compositions on Lost Lullaby were my first gift to her."   As a leader and sideman, Makinen has performed on nearly two dozen CDs, five of which he also produced: Lost Lullaby (2005); Tom Ball's Fishleather Jacket (2005) [Winner of the 2006 Excellence In Recording Award froom the ITEA];Clay Cabe's December (2004); Area 15(SM) Live (2002), and Rekha Ohal's Rekha (1996).

Finding that quiet space has fueled Makinen's creative energies, which have led him right back into the studio. His plans for the rest of 2005 include producing at least three more CDs: The Goliath Beetle and the Ladybug Jam and Quizzical Glance, both featuring his own compositions; and Clay Cabe's second CD, The Underworld.

Before becoming a full-time father, Makinen toured the world for nearly two decades with r&b, funk, and rock bands, jazz trios and big bands, avant-garde electronic ensembles and Broadway shows, on cruise ships, and with opera troupes and symphonic orchestras.

Lost Lullaby can be heard in rotation on the Internet radio stations streetblast.com and bandradio.com.

Makinen also performs live in the Denver area with the high-energy jazz trio Area 15 (cdbaby.com/area15) and with his experimental group Sponge.

Ben maintains a busy schedule producing and performing. He recently landed a role in the zombie movie Lucky Stiff. He is currently writing music for television and film. One of his many goals for 2006 is to complete production on a documentary film he has shot.

Makinen intends to compile a Best Of...CD. "Obtaining the rights is a big hoop to jump through", Makinen laughs, "but the wait will be worth it. There are so many talented musicians in Colorado and I have fun playing with them. The collection of songs will appeal to a diverse audience-From Blues to Bop, and from Folk to Funk!"

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