Area 15

DIGITAL SALES ONLY:-) Reversed-engineered Jazz-Spontaneous electrical improvisation. The members of AREA 15, use their guitars, bass, and drums to explore an explosive combination of hyper-space Rock and improvisational Be-Bop. Mad scientists on a Jam

AREA 15(TM), LIVE is the result of three talented sidemen who burned out on performing homogenized, cookie cutter, cliched music for uninspired band leaders.

AREA 15(TM), takes its influence from Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin  and will use any song as a vehicle for improvisation - employing reverse engineering and extreme dynamics...

While packing up their equipment one night after a lounge gig, they mutually agreed that they should get another gig together and play with reckless abandon - no musical restrictions.

The drummer, Ben Makinen, scored the gig. The guitarist, Mitch Chmara, inspired the naming of the group with his sensitivity towards the outer limits. The bass player, Eric Thorin, had a mile-wide grin that challenged anyone to throw any chord and any groove his way at any time.

The first four tracks on AREA 15 LIVE happened in one take, on one night, after no rehearsal. The fifth track happened the same way-only three months later at a different night club.

With Mitch's originals (the first two tracks) he simply told the guys what he had in mind, a couple chords and a feel, and then he said,"Just follow me..."

The standards were treated as launching pads for contemporary improvisation/conversation.

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