The Goliath Beetle & the Ladybug

Ben Makinen

Eastern European Flavored Funky Electronica - Dance to Edgy Drum 'n' Bass & Chill with Hypnotic Space!

I had a dream in which royal and ancient Butterfly told me the story of two lovers brave enough to challenge the rules of their society and the laws of their elders. The Goliath Beetle fell madly in love with the beautiful Ladybug. Ladybug had known no truer lover. They shared their joy with their families and community only to be met with violent disapproval. They fled in fear. Together they lived through many adventures both tragic and wondrous. With the help of a sympathetic cousin, the butterfly La Femme Nikita, they were able to find a land in which they were welcome. There they made their home and they lived and loved and raised a family of angels who, to this day, protect lovers of every kind every where. In the dream Butterfly implored me to share this story with the people of today. When I awoke my mind was awash in sound. These sounds became music and this music is the Butterfly's story.

~ Ben Makinen/Bmakin Music

Ben Makinen: Producer, Composer & Performer on Goliath Beetle & The Ladybug

CD COVER ART BY SAN BASE! Please visit this incredible artist's website at

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