1. Milkshake

From the recording Milkshake

This Count Basie styled slow-blues number is written by Tom Ball. It is one of 8 tracks from his upcoming CD titled Funky Pants. This is our second collaboration in the studio - the first having been Fishleather Jacket - and again, Tom has given me the honor and pleasure of both playing drums and percussion and doing the production work. I am in the process of mixing the other tunes right now! Milkshake is one of the more melow tunes on this project. Tom has written some fiery latin tunes and some hip- shakin' boogaloos! Three horns - including trumpet work by international recording artist Greg Gisbert - and tons of percussion will have you bouncing around your living room - stay tuned for more from Funky Pants. In the meantime take a chill pill and dig this Milkshake.