1. The Shell Game

From the recording The Shell Game

From Tom Ball's upcoming CD that he asked me to produce titled "Fishleather Jacket". Nine years ago Tom and I played on the streets to help make ends meet. I had my congas and foot pedals for cowbell/woodblock, and Tom would bring conch shells along with his euphonium. This groove is reminiscent of what we would play for the thousands of people on their way in and out of the Rockies baseball games... Although Tom and I haven't played like this in almost 7 years the two of us fell right into it... This cut is our second take... The first one had too much laughing and swearing in it!!
Fishleather Jacket will be released in April and will feature Tom's jazz/latin compositions performed by a quartet.


Tom Ball-Conch Shell; Ben Makinen- Congas/cowbell. Recorded March 15, 2005 at NFA in Denver.